Thursday, October 19, 2017

ICOM A2 E-sys Disable Active Sound Design ASD on BMW M5

Here are two ways to disable Active Sound Design on BMW M5 by coding with ICOM A2 + E-sys interface, or by removing the ASD module from the trunk.

WAY I – coding with ICOM A2 emulator 

Connect to your car
 Choose target chassis F010
 Read FA
 Read SVT
 Right click on the ASD module -> “Read Coding data
then right click on the CAFD and “Edit”.
Enter your PIN and edit the following parameters: (Disable Active Sound Design Values)
 Save the changes, click back, “Activate FA” and “Code FDL
Disabling ASD complete.

Note: This mod should work on all BMW F10 M5 cars

Way II – removing the ASD Module

Turn down the back seat. You have to remove the covers on the floor (the big one) and the left one. You also have to lift the rubber seal a little beat so that you can remove the backplane. 

Almost everything is fixed with press buttons which you can remove safely. Finally you can use them again to put everything together.

After you remove the left cover you have access to the ASD module. Just unplug the connector and fix it with a cable strap.

We're currently working on a switch/button to enable/disable ASD from the rear trunk 

ASD with the original exhaust is fine. 

It is pretty invasive and done by removing the ASD module from the trunk; while it`s much easier to disable ASD by coding with E-sys interface and the car will remain stock, in case you want to sell it you can always revert back to the default settings in 5 minutes. Some people like the feeling of having your head under the hood, and the sound gets even louder when changing on Sport and Sport+ modes.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Searches related to BMW ICOM

Google Searches related to BMW ICOM: 
bmw icom software
bmw icom for sale
bmw icom next
bmw icom a3
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BWM ICOM clone any recommendation? Here are the searches related to BMW ICOM.

1: BMW ICOM software

This is 2017.03 bmw icom software: ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P, tested by

 ISTA-D 4.04.12.........100% tested & worked!
ISTA-P tested & worked!
BMW ETK 2017.2.........100% tested & worked!
BMW KSD 09.2016 .........100% tested & worked!
INPA.........100% tested & worked!
NCS Expert.........100% tested & worked!
WinKFP.........100% tested & worked!
E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 59.0.........100% tested & worked!
BMW FSC code generator .........100% tested & worked!
BMW AiCoder.........100% tested & worked!

2: BMW ICOM interface

BMW ICOM interfaces clone/original include: icom next, icom a3, icom a2, and old bmw icom.

 ICOM Next is faster than the old bmw icom. It is also better built IMHO.
And 2017 Next is WIFI available also. 
It handles multiprogramming and coding quite nicely.
Gets the job done much faster if flashing the complete vehicle.

Another benefit to Next will be compatibility for future cars.
In two or three years there will be a new ICOM released, that will be probably better etc. Thats how things work.

 The new ICOM A3 hardware, same kind of assembly in ICOM A2. So, two points should be mentioned: 
First, it is ICOM A2 with build in usb-ethernet adapter. 

 Second, it is K+DCAN interface built in A2 casing. 
The main reason for A3 is that it can resume programming where left off during interruption. NOT Quality.

ICOM A3 - can program all units - but not media.

ICOM A3 doesn’t support 20 Pin connector old cars, but the CPU should be faster.

But still had some minor issues - it was still getting hot when intensively used. But worked OK for flashing cic cid etc.

BMW ICOM A2 is the best and most ideal option for almost bmw repair work coz its popularity makes users can find any solution every time when they have trouble with icom emulators or bmw coding/programming.

Actually, ICOM A2 is definitely a redesign of the old ICOM A1.
Take a look on the CPU layer, its easy to find LED´s on both layers. One side would never light outside the case, but in the A1 case the LED´s were used in the paste.
Print quality of the layer is really good. Due to the old BMW ICOM A module have problem in the cooling and protection design, ICOM A2 adopts the whole aluminum shell body, using aerial explosion-proof connector; and it use the joint connection line which similar to the SDconnect C4

The Oldest: BMW ICOM clone

BMW ICOM A1 is the oldest icom diagnostic tool and stopped production nowadays.It cannot work well with the new or future cars. Not wise to choose icom a in 2017.

3: BMW ICOM for sale

Tip 1: Quality & Price
In China, you can get anything – at/for any price, problem is that you will have to accept the quality. “You get what you pay for” – And this is more or less true, there will be always someone somewhere “trying to” do it for less, but there are thresholds and once you step under them, you will have to suffer from the results. Quality of a product also depends on the material you purchase (You can’t simply make gold out of wood)

Tip 2: Reasons for low costs
The only reason why the obdii diagnostic cables are made in China is because 90% of the materials (micro-controllers and ICs) come from there. That is, it’s mainly about cost, most people would not be ready to pay 3-4 times the price just for the device being made in Europe or the US.

So, items are produced in high quantity and cost saving here. And not everything from China is cheap crap, but it is better to know someone there you can trust.

Monday, October 2, 2017

How to generate BMW NBT & CIC FSC code

BMW FSC Code is required for BMW navigation map system update.In this article i will share the guide on how to generate BMW NBT & CIC FSC Code.

Tools you need for generate fsc code.
1.Laptop installed E-sys.(BMW E-sys Free Download)
2.BMW ENET Cable.(You can build one by yourself or buy it $16.99 )
3.FCS Code Generator Software.(Password: “Eintracht_Frankfurt”)

The first step you need to do is extracting the DE or 1B file:

Fire up E-sys make sure your connected to the F20 (notF20_Dir ect) via your VIN and then in the left hand vertical menu select FSC Extended.

For NBT (DE File):

In the Parameter section enter :
  1. Diagnostic Address(hex) = 0x63 2.
  2. Click on the Identifybutton and the Base variant HU_NBT will be populated
  3. Application ID for NBT= 0xDE
  4. Upgrade Index= 0x1

For CIC (1B File):

In the Parameter section enter :
  1. Diagnostic Address(hex) = 0x63
  2. Click on the Identifybutton and the Base variantHU_CIC will be populated
  3. Application ID for NBT= 0x1B
  4. Upgrade Index= 0x1

In the Action section:
  1. SelectStore FSC and move from left to the right
  2. Click on the Read button
  3. Click Save and and name the file in the following format fsc where XXXXXXX is last seven letter s/numbers of your VIN or your donor NBT vin if you have retrofitted the NBT.
  4. [Optional] Youcan now disconnect E-sys from your car as the next stages can be performed offline.

Getting the Code Generation Software:
Unzip the directory attached. The directory can be placed/run from anywhere.

Generating the FSC code using the BMW_CIC_NBT_FSC_Generator for NBT:

If you are generating NBT, copy fsc.exe in the NBT_FSC directory to the tools directory
  1. Place your XXXXXXX.fsc into your toolsdirector y(same location as the Base64.exe)
  2. Open a command prompt(DOS Screen) and go to the toolsdirectory
  3. Type “Base64 XXXXXXX.FSC XXXXXXX_000DE001.FSC” and pressenter
  4. Open BMW FSC NBT  Generator .exe
  5. Click “Br owse” and selectthe XXXXXXX_000DE001.FSC file yougener ated in step 3, it should be in your toolsdirectory.
  6. Choose your map productfrom the list(For me itwas”Road Map EUROPE NEXT 2015 1)
  7. Click “Generate”

Generating the FSC code using the BMW_CIC_NBT_FSC_Generator for CIC:

If you are generating CIC, copy fsc.exe in the CIC_FSC directory to the tools directory
  1. Place your XXXXXXX.fsc into your tools directory (same location as the Base64.exe)
  2. Open a command prompt (DOS Screen) and go to the tools directory
  3. Type “Base64 XXXXXXX.FSC XXXXXXX_0001B001.FSC” and press enter
  4. Open BMW FSC NBT Generator.exe
  5. Click “Browse” and select the XXXXXXX_0001B001.FSC file you generated in step 3, it should be in your tools directory.
  6. Choose your map product from the list (Road Map EUROPE PREMIUM 2014 1)
  7. Click “Generate”

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

ENET cable vs K+DCAN cable vs BMW ICOM

Any cost-effective DIY solution of BMW diagnostic/coding/programming? How to choose a good BMW ICOM cable? Look here:

(switch mode)

$300 around
For Exx cars
For Fxx cars
For ALL Exx & Fxx cars
(BMW E, F, G, I, Alpina series cars, MINI and Rolls-Royce from 1985 - 2017)
NCS Expert
E-Sys 3.27.1
BMW AiCoder
BMW FSC code generator

In summary,
It depends on your purpose (diagnostic or coding or programming) and model (Exx or Fxx or others).

For Coding, you need different Tools, NCS Expert / SP-Daten for E-Series and E-Sys / PSdZData for F-Series.
All Diagnosis and Coding can be done with cheap DCAN Cable for E-Series and cheap ENET Cable for F-Series.

For Programming (Flashing ECU’s with new Firmware), then you need ISTA/P for for both E-Series and F-Series cars, or you can use WinKFP for E-Series and E-Sys for F-Series. For E-Series Programming, you will need an ICOM, but for F-Series Programming, you can use ENET Cable.

For Exx- Series:
Interface = K+DCAN Cable (OBDII to USB) or ICOM
ECU Data Files = SP-Daten
NCS Expert = Coding Software
WinKFP = Programming (Flashing) Software
EDIABAS = Low-Level ECU Communication Software used by NCS Expert & WinKFP

For Fxx- / Ixx- / Gxx-Series, Mini, & Rolls-Royce:
Interface = ENET Cable (OBDII to RJ45 Ethernet) or ICOM
ECU Data Files = PSdZData
E-Sys = Coding Software
E-Sys = Programming (Flashing) Software

ICOM A (also ICOM A2ICOM A3ICOM Next A): main interface
ICOM B: adapter for programming multimedia in E series
ICOM C: adapter for old BMW with round 20 pin diagnostic plug
ICOM D: adapter for motorcycles
ISTA+ (AKA Rheingold or ISTA-D)
DIAGNOSTICS for All Vehicles
PROGRAMMING for F/I/G/RR & MINI, but requires an ICOM
PROGRAMMING traditionally for all chassis, but is being phased out by August 2017, except for legacy E-series.
Replacement ECU's must be NEW

YOU HAVE TO KNOW before you buy ICOM A2 or ICOM A3 or ICOM Next:

ICOM NEXT vs the old ICOM

-> much faster in BMW F and G series ..
-> supports gigabit Ethernet too to be future proof, there currently is not gigabit Ethernet protocol defined yet for autos. Also it has USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 and a better wifi card. 


-> more stable during programming
-> be necessary for the future Gbit cars
-> faster start-up times and high throughput
-> through high-performance,low-power ARM SoC
-> improved handling
-> more flexible OBD cable
-> lighted button for logs


Modified ICOM A2 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity. And robust aluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments. It works better in cooling, runs faster and works more stable, not easier broken than older ICOM A.

ICOM A3 can program all units for all BMW series expect media system, and work more stable and has stronger compatibility than ICOM A2, A1.