Friday, April 29, 2016

BMW F30 2012 2013 Cheat Sheet Free Download

BMW f series coding cheat sheets for use E sys...Free download the F30 cheat sheet with things here for BMW F30 codingNOTE:
 the F10 coding is slightly off from the F30, meaning some of the functions are named different or located in different named modules and, of course, some things are not available to the F30 (such as the automated trunk closing). Just use the F10 cheat sheet for the F30 to get an idea, to see what might be possible and such.

(click the pic and read easily)

kein_ld' removes it).
 special cam.)
is active) gion free.

eem to work
s testing

ional testing
 eds testing
 d msg about Assist

rhandles active!)

t tested!
 might be able to turn on)
 might be able to turn on)
ed handle to open door)

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