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ENET cable BMW F series F30 coding

All you need to do BMW F-series coding can be found here, such as tools suggestion, E-sys installation instruction, ECU coding guide, etc

ALL info for BMW ENET cable at

ENET Cable is for F-Series car, or E-Series car with Ethernet on OBDII. You can use USB Lan Adapter instead though.

   offers the top-quality ENET cable with E-SYS 3.225 software installation packages and ETOKEN and PIN

You can search for the ENET cable on webs. Just search for the cheapest one, they`re all the same, don`t think that a higher price = higher quality, it`s not the case with these cables which are very easy to build.

low cost to build a cable yourself

--> How to connect ethernet cable to laptop
As an alternative to slower, phone-based Internet connections, users can take advantage of a high-speed, broadband connection using Ethernet cables. In order to connect your laptop computer to an Ethernet cable, the computer must have an Ethernet port built into it. The Ethernet cable is used to connect to a modem or router that provides your PC with access to the Internet. You must contact your local Internet service provider (ISP) to set up a subscription before you can access the Internet through a modem or router.

You can copy the Token anywhere, but you have to go into E-Sys settings and point to it

detailed instruction on E-sys & EDIABAS, EST token, paszdata installation 

E-sys 3.22.5 connection and configuration, Patch installation instructions

guide you to run E-sys interface on  a MacBook Pro running
MacOS version 10.7.4, along with VMWare Fusion version 4.1.2 (not in bootcamp
mode), running Windows 7 (x86) SP1.

--> How to run ICOM A2 with E-sys software
Here are the steps:
You have to lock/check the ICOM IP in ISTA-D so E-Sys can use it. Therefore you need a tool like EasyConnect or iToolRadar.

Connect the ICOM, turn the ignition on, start f.e. iToolradar. Now you can see the connection from the ICOM (normally on, mark it and click on reserve
(in EasyConnect is different but as easy as itoolradar).

Start E-Sys, choose the target (f.e. F010) and click on "connection ICOM/Ethernet". Type the IP address (here, the port is 50160, so the result should be tcp://

Connect and have fun.

read this best before use enet e-sys interface for coding

this notes from a user after editing  CAFD files and code my F30

the newest E-sys 3.26.1 + Padzdata 3.58.2, and E-sys 3.22.5 + Padzdata 4.94 tested good there, like error when Read Coding Data, Ethernet Connection Problems, etc.

Free download full v59.2 psdzdata:

1. The Lite version contains only the basic files needed for Coding only and it`s much smaller in size..around 400mb.

2. The Full version is HUGE, it has over 20GB and it`s not needed by most people because it contains data that is used only for Firmware update which is not recommended doing with an ENET Cable anyway, for that purpose you need an ICOM and other kind of software like the BMW ISTAP.

--> Download  E-sys 3.27.1.rar (click)
FREE E-sys 3.27.1 for sharing

the some frequent troubles may be met when using E-sys for coding

The electronic parts catalog BMW ETK 3.1.30 contain full information about spare parts and accessories for cars (from 1932 year) and motorcycles (from 1948 year) and also helps you to find parts more quickly, easily and safely. Moreover, it is no longer necessary to search in different microfilms and lists

ESYS program automatically stores the current code as soon as you read it from the car.. Once the code has been read and thus stored on your drive, you only need to copy and paste the code elsewhere before changing any values and store it in a different location. 

guide you to generate a soft token for newer E-Sys (3.22+)

tell you what is I-level and find out BMW F-series current I-level quickly:
Refer to the table
connect to the vehicle with E-Sys and:
Click the Expert Tab on the far left menu bar
Select the VCM Module tab
Locate the VCM “Master” tab
Locate the I -Steps section
Click on Read.

BMW F series , the new 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series , GT, X3

comfort mode, expert mode, editors & viewers

cable selection & software selection:
   Fx Series Cable
For Fx Series coding you need a ENET cable. You don`t have to buy the most expensive one, all ENET cables are the same so it`s simple to get the right cable.
   Ex Series Cable
you need a K+DCAN BMW coding cable (You will find many cables on Amazon or eBay, just make sure to ask the seller if the cable will be compatible to your car. This is important only for Ex series coding because newer cars (2008 and up) will need a more expensive cable, not the cheapest) It`s usually a white transparent cable...

Click "External Applications" in the left menu.
Click "External Application"
Double-click "Transmitter"
Scroll to the bottom and double-click "... Clear all DTCs ..."

if for "read all DTC", you have to know the ECU IDs to know which is which, and then you can enter the fault ID in ISTA for description

  1 Remove the center trim piece.
  2 Unscrew the 6.5' LCD Display with a phillips screw driver and fixate the 8.8' LCD display. Remove the aircon control panel with a torx screw driver.
  3 Unscrew the surrounding torx screws around the CIC head unit and extract from the console.
  4 Disconnect all the wiring and connection from CIC Head Unit.
  5 Once the head unit is removed, feed the magenta LCD cable through the air vents to the bottom of the console.
  6 Remove iDrive Trim and connect the touch input module.
  7 Disconnect CIC iDrive Controller cable.
(click the TITLE to get more)

--> NBT benching coding via E-sys software
If you can connect to NBT with E-Sys via Gateway URL and NBT IP Address:

connect to vehicle
read FA
activate FA
Read ECU.
go to external applications
double click the transmitter
click the connect button

double click 31 01 0f 0c 00;setenergymodedefault.

1. Copy the files onto your 32Gb USB Drive
2. Turn car on and Insert USB Drive into USB port under your arm rest
3. Car should recognize the USB Drive and notice it's a nav update
4. Once you decide to continue it will ask to enter the FSC code, use your iDrive controller to enter this long ass code
You may get it wrong first. But try again and write it down clearly
5. Reap the benefits of an updated navigation system on your BMW. IE. Not getting lost as much, or routed in circles on unknown areas 

Also you can always check the status in iDrive by Navigation, and click Options (bottom/right on idrive)

Main advantages of CIC Retrofit over CCC Navigation System
• Internal hard drive (80GB): maps and music can be stored on hard drive• Faster processor (faster response speed)• Better graphics• No more overheating issue• Huge step forward from the older CCC• More ergonomic design• CIC permits other multimedia retrofits to be added: Combox, BMW Apps, BMW plug-in

Main advantages of NBT Retrofit over CIC Retrofit
• 200GB hard drive instead of 80GB drive (available in CIC)• Combox built-in• Faster processor (faster response speed)• Better graphics / higher contract• Sports Display (real-time power and torque meters)• M-lap timer • Ability to stream video from USB in the armrest (CIC does not allow this)• BMW Apps• 3D maps

CIC Retrofit vs. NBT Retrofit
If you are still not sure which retrofit is right for you, please consider the following:
• NBT is the “TOTAL UPGRADE” system, which comes with all “bells and whistles”, whereas CIC retrofit allows “STEP-BY-STEP UPGRADE”, which makes CIC retrofit more affordable. i.e. you can first do CIC retrofit, than Combox Retrofit, than BMW Apps.
• NBT retrofit is more modern, offers more features, better graphics, faster processor, bigger hard drive, etc.
• CIC retrofit is generally more affordable than NBT retrofit, BUT please keep in mind that:

--> Retrofit a 6WB Instrument Cluster to F-Series
1. add 6wb to vo
2. pick latest cafd (determine cafd for swe)
3. code the KOMBI and CIC
If you have virginase eprom car will pick up your mileage and vin

after if you can you can program to latest soft using E-sys or ISTA

S Code BMW Motorsport-designed Production Engines
(names seem to follow the traditional M code logic above, regardless of year)
S70/26.0-6.1V1248DOHC627-6804801994-1997McLaren F1not based on an M70 engine
shares many design points with Euro S50
P Code BMW Motorsport Race Engines
(names seem to follow the traditional M code logic above, regardless of year)
S70/36.0V1248DOHC650+x1995-1997McLaren F1 GTRwinner of 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans; similar in design to S70/2
P843.0V1040Pneumatic925+x2004-2005WilliamsBMW F119,000 RPM rev limit; 1,500km lifespan (4 times longer than 2002 F1 rules)
P862.4V832Pneumatic720+x2006-2009BMW Sauber F1 Team19,000 RPM rev limit
N Code (2006-2015) Regular Production Engines
Engine CodeEngine Size (liters)# of Cylinders
and layout
# of ValvesCamshaft and Valve TimingHP RatingTorque RatingActive YearsExample ModelsFeatures
N202.0I416DOHC2412582012-F30 320i/328isingle twin-scroll turbo,
Valvetronic, direct injection
N63              4.4                                V8                        32                           DOHC4024402008-F10 550i, E71 X6 50i, F02 750Litwin turbo; 1st gen N63 design (N63B44O0); subject to BMW "Customer Care Package" recall
N63TU4.4V832TVDI4454802013-F10/13 550i/650i, F15/16 X5/X6 50i, F02 750LiTVDI - Turbo Valvetronic Direct Injection; 2nd gen N63 design (N63B44O1)
N74     6.0-6.6V1248Valvetronic540-560550-5802009+F02 760Li, Rolls-Roycetwin-turbo, Valvetronic
MINI Production Engines, 2002-2014
W101.6I416DOHC1141102002-2006MINI R50Tritec Pentagon engine, co-developed with Chrysler
W111.6I416DOHC160-168150-1602002-2007MINI R52 R53supercharged version of W10
N121.6I416DOHC1181182007-2010MINI R56/R57aka EP6 Prince engine, co-developed with Peugeot; naturally-aspirated
N141.6I416DOHC1711772007-2010MINI R56S R57Saka EP6DTS Prince engine, co-developed with Peugeot; turbocharged
N161.6I416DOHC1181142011-2014MINI R56/R57naturally-aspirated; more closely related to BMW N20 engine
N181.6I416DOHC1811912011-2014MINI R56S/R57Sturbocharged; more closely related to BMW N20 engine
B Code Modular Production Engines
(modular engines will be shared among BMW and MINI platforms starting in 2014)
Engine CodeEngine Size (liters)# of Cylinders
and layout
# of ValvesCamshaft and Valve TimingHP RatingTorque RatingActive YearsExample ModelsFeatures
B361.5I312Valvetronic120-175?2014+MINI F5xfirst of the modular BMW engines
B371.5I312DI95-168?2014+F30 LCI 320d, MINI F5xmodular Diesel
B38A12U01.2I312Valvetronic1001332014+MINI F5xLower output B38A
B38A15M01.5I312Valvetronic1341622014+MINI Cooper F5xMedium output B38
B38A15T01.5I312Valvetronic2272362014+MINI F5xTop output B38A
B38K15T01.5I312Valvetronic2312362014+i8Top B38 output
B482.0I416Valvetronic192-231206-2582014+F30 LCI, MINI F5xreplaces N20 engine
B48A20M02.0I416Valvetronic1892072014+MINI F5x Cooper SMedium output
B583.0I624Valvetronic??2014+F3X LCI 340i/440ireplaces N55 engine

This list is very useful in case you want to retrofit a new module on your car. You will have to add the corresponding code in the VO (Vehicle Order) of your car in order to code that new module so it will show up in NCS EXPERT orESYS. The FA VO list is as complete as possible at this moment, in case you see something is missing you can contact us and we will add it right away.
S122A Sticks holder
S123A Auxiliary inside mirror
S124A Headliner, official vehicle
S125A Interior equipment, official, open
S126A Interior equipment, camouflaged
S127A Weapon mount on passenger?s door
S129A Weapon mount in headliner, front
S130A Weapon mount in rear center armrest
S131A Weapon bracket
S139A Priority vehicle light, blue
S140A 1 RKLE 130,Tonfolge,Polizeischaltung
S141A Sequential tone system
S142A Two clearance lights, blue
S143A Alarm switches with police circuitry
S144A RKLE detachable, seq. police siren
S145A Alarm switch with fire service circuitry

1. Start E-sys program, and connect to car by clicking icon at the top.
2. Select your car, and click connect. Select interface depending on interface you will be using. If you use ENET cable, select connection via VIN at the bottom.
3. Go to expert mode > coding. Click read under vehicle order to read FA from car. Click edit.
4. Screen will automatically change to FA-editor. Right-click on FA, and choose “calculate FP”.
5. Once finished, vehicle profile is shown on right. Expand FAList on left, to SALAPA-element.
6. Delete/add FA from the bottom left window, and click apply changes icon.
7. New FA must be verified before it can be written to car. Right-click FA and calculate FP again. If FA entered is wrong, error will be shown. For example, “DDD” is not correct FA and E-sys will display error message. After FP is calculated, save the new FA.
8. Go to Expert mode > VCM. Load your saved FA file, right-click on FA and calculate FP again.
9. Click VCM master tab, and click write FA FP. New FA will be written to the car.
10. Click “read FA FP VIN” button and check FA to make sure changes are saved to the car.

1. E-Sys => Expert Mode => Coding
2. Read FA => Name FA "OMSA.xml" => Save FA => Edit FA (FA Opens up in FA-Editor)
3. In FA, Right-Click on HO-Wort => New => HO-Wort
4. Add "OMSA"
5. Right-Click on FA at top of VO => Calculate FP
6. Verify in Vehicle Profile [x] Aftermarket_Fitment => [xxxx] OMSA_WITHOUT_ENGINE_START_STOP
7. Save FA
8. E-Sys => Expert Mode => Coding
9. Load modified "OMSA.xml"
10. Right-Click on FA => Activate FA
11. Read SVT (VCM)
12. Right-Click on CAS (the ECU itself not the underlying CAFD) => Select CODE.

idea of FDL changes from VO coding FA addition

TC_MSA_DEFAULT_OFF - Turn Auto Start/Stop OFF by default
aktiv / Werte=01
nicht_aktiv / Werte=00

aktiv / Werte=01
nicht_aktiv / Werte=00
Sets car's Auto Start/Stop function to start in the last used setting (e.g. Off) when the engine is started

coding F01 has been solved.

changed the build date on my VO to 0712, VO coded KOMBI and it all works! When auto start stop is not running, I get a notification on my instrument cluster just like on the 2013 models!

use E-sys program

for the Trunk button
HKFM 3010 SCH_TOEHKI from "nicht_aktiv" to "aktiv"

and for the Key fob:
HKFM 3010 TASTER_FBD from "nicht_aktiv" to "aktiv"

1) You only need to make virgin if the FSC Codes you want to import have an older creation date then fsc codes in NBT. If they have newer creation date, you can just import and activate them on top of the current ones.

2) To make NBT Virgin with Tool32, you must run NBT.prg and _STEUERN_DELETE_PERSISTENCY_INTEL_PLUS_SWT.

coding would be:
D_SCHWELLE_1 = max distance in meters to disable top camera view - Change to Werte = FF
D_SCHWELLE_2 = max distance in meters to disable rear camera view - Change to Werte = FF
V_SCHWELLE_1 = max speed to disable top camera view - Change to Werte = FF
V_SCHWELLE_2 = max speed to disable rear camera view - Change to Werte = FF

How to code a new FEM:
1. plug your old FEM (I hope it is not completely dead and you can still read VO from it) read VO and save it to a file with E-sys.
2. Disconnect old FEM and plug new FEM, then connect with ENET cable to the car, go to VCM and load VO from the file you saved previously. Then go to master tab and click "write FA" which will write the car VO to the new FEM.
3. Start ista-p and when you see window for replaced modules click Yes and when you see the list, in the bottom tick FEM. ISTA-p will code(configure) and initialize the new FEM to the car.

How to code an old FRM:
I have read both, that Immobilizer (EWS4) is an issue for FEM, and that it is not. For sure it is an issue for DME replacement. I don't think attempting to flash FEM would do anything to DME. Worst case is FEM takes VIN, and still won't sync / decrypt key with DME.

open up Esys 3.22.5, Read FA, Read SVT and activate FA. Then read the coding data from HU_CIC or HU_NBT and the KOMBI module and edit the FDL to make the changes listed below.
These are the values that need to be coded / modified:
HU_CIC or HU_NBT module:
Enable Sports Displays
3000 EFF_DYN_SPORT_CID        set to: aktiv
3000 EFF_DYN_SPORT_UNIT       set to: aktiv
KOMBI module:
* To change units displayed to be ft lb and hp
3008 DREHMOMENT            set to: lb_ft (displays ft lb)
3008 LEISTUNG              set to: ps (displays hp)

Try Tool32,(E-SYS cannot do that) this is how you do it.

There are two versions of Tool32 in EDIABAS so make sure you use the German version as the English one won't work.

Assuming the fault condition no longer exists, to clear the fault code.

1) Launch C:\EDIABAS\Bin\TOOL32.EXE
2) Hit F3
3) Load C:\EDIABAS\Ecu\F01.PRG
4) In the "Select Job: F01" window, select FS_LOESCHEN_FUNKTIONAL
5) Hit F5
6) "Results" window should show "JOB_STATUS = OKAY"

Note: fs_lesen_funktional only read fault codes, FS_LOESCHEN_FUNKTIONAL will delete it.

These are the values need to be changed for the mirror folding with the fob
and comfort access:


Also, if you don't want a delay in closing, you also need to code this:


make sure that there is a "Dist" folder in each of the Chassis (F01/F10/F25) folders etc.:
e.g. "C:\ESysData\psdzdata\mainseries\F010\F010_12_03_51 1\odx\dist":


Also, make sure E-Sys Data Path is set properly. 

Go into E-Sys = > OPTIONS => SETTINGS => PROGRAM TAB => DIRECTORIES and set the PSDZdata path to to C:\ESysData:

With the help of him, I finally got E-Sys software and all required PSDZ data installed in the correct folders . Initiated software and was able to recognize car without any error messages. I have tried coding yesterday. Nice!!!

There are two modules to FDL code, the left and right TMS.

Within TMS, search for Standlicht Modus 1 & Standlicht Modus 2, and change the Werte Value 64 to 00 as follows:

Original: 00, 03, 00, 00, 64, 03, 00, 00, 64, 03, 00, 00, 2B, 04, 00, 00
Change: 00, 03, 00, 00, 00, 03, 00, 00, 64, 03, 00, 00, 2B, 04, 00, 00

That will turn them off. Confirmed this works on my own car. Note that the 3 amber LED's will still turn on when you unlock the car at night and the corona rings and welcome lights turn on. That setting is somewhere else in LHM and it just hasn't been found yet. They will be off when you turn the car on. 

Latest E and F models have on OBD conector 4 connections to CIC (RX+ , RX- , TX+ and TX-).
Make your own ENET cable using a CAT5 lan cable, a 510-560 ohm resistor and a OBD male plug, or, purchase it online. Only four wires are connected and there is no need to ground anything.

For those models without TX and RX on OBD plug, you will have to make your own connection on the 10 pin plug, in the back of your CIC/CCC unit.

Setup your laptop network card TCP/IPV4 to:
DNS does not matter.

You can set your IPV4: control panel / network and sharing center than chose you connection and click properties.

Connect ENET cable bmw to your pc and to your car and turn on ignition (ACC).
Use internet explorer and goto Chrome or other browser were reported to be not so good as IE.

If user and password is asked: 
user: root
Password : cic0803 or Hm83stN

go to root
click on directory HBpersistence
click on directory normal
click on file generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTController and save it.

Download a Hex editor (for instance HXD) and install.
Open the file you have downloaded from CIC with HxD and set HxD to HEX mode.
Seach on file for 01 01 00 1B
Highlight and delete eveything prior to 01 01 00 1B
On line 130 delete last block (last 2 entries) and everything after it.
Save file as "a.hex". You will get an exactly 319 bytes file. 

Downlods fsc tools. The only thing required is FSC.EXE and FSC.BAT. Edit fsc.bat file in order to input your map region and year. 
Map region and year are obtained from map info on last install usb. Use Hxd to read it.

For WEST Europe you will see 0028 0008 on 2016-1 premium map.
0028 is west europe followed by year (0008 is 2016, 0007 is 2015,....).

You can generate a FSC code using on your fcs.bat file 0x28 0x08 (2016-1 premium west europe map) 
If you want to generate a lifetime code, use:
0x28 0XFF and change this on fsc.bat. 

Your FSC.BAT will look like this:

IF NOT EXIST fsc.exe ECHO File fsc.exe NOT FOUND !
IF NOT EXIST a.hex ECHO a.hex does NOT EXIST !
fsc a.hex 0x28 0xFF > code.txt

IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 ECHO File code.txt was created successfuly!

Other regions are obtained from map info.
0xFF generates a lifetime code.

Make sure that fcs.bat, fcs.exe and a.hex are together and run fcs.bat.
If everything is in order, you will get a code.txt. file with your code.

There are two ways to get FSC activation code:
There is a BMW NBT&CIC Navigation map update calculator which allows us to read FSC code for both for NBT and CIC system. The software can be only works on Win XP 32 bit operating system. To use the software, you need additional USB dongle.
ENET cable with E-SYS software is designed to code BMW F- series. E-sys coding software is capable of generating FSC code as well. 

You can use E-sys software to read all FSCs and certficates. 
Use Tool32 to clear the FSC store and then use E-sys to reload all FSC's and certs and activate them.

--> Cheat sheet BMW F10 F11 2011 2012 (click for all cheat sheet)

  • Enhanced Bluetooth:
  • Re-Code for Sports Automatic Transmission (for paddle shift retrofit)
  • Disable seat belt reminder sound and warning
  • Transfer phone ringtone to the car
  • Start the car without holding the brake
  • Increase Angel Eyes Brightness even with headlights on
  • Close windows, sunroof & mirror from key fob
  • Change Mirror Un-Fold Automatically at XX Speed
  • Turn off all electronics when driver door is opened after engine stop
  • Auto Start/Stop OFF by default or just enable to remember last setting
  • Unlock door on engine OFF (1 pull)
  • Turn off window roll-ul interrupt
  • Change the one touch blink count to as many as you want
  • Turn on Brake Force Display on Hard Braking
  • Turn off or on the USA Sidemarkers
  • Enable Illumination of Exterior Door Handle LEDs when in Reverse
  • Add Fog lights or any other lights as Welcome Lights
  • Bypass bulb checks for LED bulb replacing of the halogen ones
  • Enable Dvd in Motion
  • Enable video playing from USB stick
  • Enable Side and read cameras to work at all speeds
Open FSC Generator software on desktop
Click “Read FSC”
Select BMW chassis, e.g E-series
Click Connect
Click Read VIN
The software will display vehicle information
Click Read FSC (1B)
Click Save to File

Back to FSC MAP menu
Select DECODE FSC button
Click Load file and load dump bin file
Click “Search” and browse to C:/EC:APPS/a hex
Click Decode button
Finish decoding

Back to FSC MAP menu
Select “GENERATE” button
Code has been generated
Open C:﹨EC:APPS﹨code.txt to check the FSC code
PS: If you fail o generate for NBT, try do following settings:
You can actually grab the 1B or DE file from E-sys by doing the following:
FSC Extended
Base variant 0x63 (For HU_CIC or HU_NBT)
Click Identify
Application ID 0x1B for (App ID 27 for CIC) 0xDE (App ID222 for NBT) <— This is the App for your Nav enabler
Upgrade Index 0x1
Move Store FSC from the left to the right
Click Read
Click Save and name the file FXXXXXX_0001B001.fsc for CIC or FXXXXXX_000DE001.fsc for NBT where FXXXXXX is your VIN.

Successfully coded:
- turned off orange side markers
- turned on rear DRL
- M Performance logo
- Unlock all doors at engine off
- digital speed in the BC
- Turned off all disclaimers
- DVD in motion
- Weatherband radio
- Fog lights come on at unlock with welcome lights
- Trip import for navigation
- 2nd handsfree phone connect to bluetooth
- Auto-Stop-Start remembers last setting

open E-sys interface
click on Connection icon
select TargetSelector: Project=F020_15-7_502, VehicleInfo=F02
check the connection
click Connect
go to Expert mode->Coding->Read->FA
right click FA to activate an FA
FA is "Active"
then click Read (ECU)
select folder HU_JNBT [63]
click Read Coding Data
select CAFD_00000DED_001_020_106 to Edit FDTL
search for kombi
go to HOMBI_CIC->Ausgelesen
EDIT item to kombi-low
then go to SETTINGS_INFO_DISPLAY->Ausgelesen
EDIT item to aktiv
save data
go to Coding->CAFD_00000DED_001_020_106
click Code FDL
CAFD_00000DED_001_020_106 finished. click Close
Done! BMW F30 NBT KOMBI coding is complete!

  1. Connect to Esys and select target type as F020 without DIRECT
  2. Read FA ->  Right click “Activate FA”
  3. Read ECU to show the modules list
  4. Click on the FEM_BODY folder like icon, right click and select “Read Coding Data”
  5. Select the CAFD, right click and “Edit FDL”
Coding Values for Xenon
    1. Open up Esys software and select as target F020 without DIRECT
    2. Read FA, right click and Activate FA
    3. Read ECU (the modules list will show up)
    4. Select the HU_ENTRY, HU_CIC or HU_NBT module, right click and select “Read coding data”
    5. Then select the  CAFD file, right click and select “Edit FDL”
Search for the following values and modify them accordingly:
  • 3000  SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MAX                        werte = FF
  • 3000  SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MIN                         werte = FF
  • 3000  VIDEO_HANDBRAKE                                 set to: nicht_aktiv
  • 3000  VIDEO_FRONT_LOCKED                           set to: nicht_aktiv
  • 3000  VIDEO_SPEEDLOCK_CONDITION                set to: none=00
1. In idrive select a driver profile (3 available + 1 guest). (You can name it for the driver)
2. **this is the most important Step** . Once driver profile is loaded, then Go to Settings --> door locks --> check the First check box (labelled along the lines *auto seat position*) then exit to main menu if you wish. (This setting is not enabled by default).
3. Set your seat & mirror position the way you like.
4. Press the M button on the seat. The button will light up red.
5. Press either 1 or 2 to store position. (repeat from step 3 to store second position)
6. Repeat from step 1 for multiple driver profiles.
7. Select one of the configured driver profiles you want with the key you unlocked the car with. (this step associates the key with one of the driver profiles). Seats & mirrors should auto change now when you switch profiles.
8. Then get out and lock the car with key, the last used memory seat position either (1 or 2) from step 5 will be saved to be called up by the key when unlocking car again.

1. clean the window of any residual coatings such as glues etc from the windwos. use an approved window cleaner for window tint. (as for me windex cause i dont care if the tint gets affected I want them clean)
2. press and hold the window down button on the window affected.
3. after is completely rolls keep the button held down for 10 seconds.
4. release the button.
5. pull and hold the window button so the window rolls up.
6. after it completely rolls up continue to hold the botton for 10 seocnds.
7. you have jsut reset the window limits and told the vehicle this is what you should expect when you roll up.
8. test the window to see if that corrects the issue.
9. repeat for other affected windows.

1. Pop that hood up and get your tools ready.
2. Lift up the engine cover.  No screws, just lift up and it will pop off.
3. Start taking off clips, bolts, nuts.  Mainly a 10 or 12mm socket.  Once you can unhook everything, slight the intake manifold towards the front of the car and out.
4. Once the ECU is sent in, we open the top cover and connect it to be programmed!

First plug the ENET cable to F10 OBD port and to the laptop’s USB port
push the “Start” button of your car without pushing the brake
click the connect icon in Esys
choose your chassis
Choose F010 as a target as pictured below, never use F010_DIRECT
click “Connect
NOTE: If the Esys target window is empty and there are no possible selections, it means you didn`t copy the “psdzdata” folder to C:\Data correctly.
In case you have other F series BMWs you want to code I will show you what targets you must choose in Esys for each model:
F001 psdzdata covers the F01/F02/F03/F04/F07 (5-Series GT is an F07 NOT an F10)
F010 psdzdata covers the F06/F10/F11/F12/F13/F18
F020 psdzdata covers the F20/F21/F22/F23/F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F35/F36/F45/F80/F82/F83
F025 psdzdata covers the F15/F16/F25/F26/F48/F85/F86
F056 psdzdata covers the F64/F55 F56 (Mini Coopers)
I001 psdzdata covers the i3/i8
click “Read” Vehicle Order TO load the FA, which contains all the information about the modules and options installed on your BMW.
click on “Read SVT”. This will list all the modules installed on the car and show them as a list on the left side of the screen. We will be using this list to do the actual coding. You can always click on the images on this page to zoom in. If you`re on mobile, for larger pictures you can switch to landscape mode to see the pictures better
Right click on any module you wish to modify
click “Read Coding Data”.
In this example, we will be coding the Digital Speedometer on the dashboard, so we are reading the KOMBI module.
After Reading the coding data, you must get a confirmation window like this.
Click on the new CAFD folder in order to expand it
then right click like in the example above and “Edit FDL”. You will be asked for the Token PIN so make sure you remember it, so set something easy when generating the token. I always set it to12345678 so it`s easy to remember.
Search for the value to change
Recommend the “Software” section in the ENET package to get the securest Cheat Sheet for BMW F10.
all you need to do is to expand the “Ausgelesen” branch
right click on the value and edit it to make it “Aktiv” (enable) or “Nicht Aktiv” (disable) a feature.
Click on the Blue Disk Icon (top left) to save the changes click on the “Green arrow” to  back to the SVT List Screen
Activate the FA first before doing the actual FDL coding
click now on “Code FDL”
your cluster maybe restarts, this is normal when the coding procedure is completed. You will also have to set the time and date again.
You`ve just completed your first MOD! Now you`ll have a Digital Speedometer in the cluster, just browse the menus with the BC key and you will see it, it`s the last menu iten.

--> E-sys doesn't see F25 ACSM


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