Thursday, April 14, 2016

Which ENET cable for BMW F-series coding

there are  lots of BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) cable  in the market. Some ok but some not. Here is the ENET interface from, which is guaranteed tested OK before delivery.

 BMW F-series coding tool:

BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) cable 
+ E-SYS interface in CDs
+ Datafile + token + PIN
A PC/laptop running Windows XP system

1. ENET (Ethernet to OBD) cable for $12

ENET cable at

ENEN cable customer received from

NOTE: F series BMW's don't have any diagnostic optical connection, just ENET thru the OBD2 socket. 

This ENET cable uses the international top super-six production lines , shielding interference, signal transmission intensity , really pure copper wire, green insulation , not comparable to other lines.

The ENET coding cable is basicly a cable which has an Ethernet port at one end (for plugging into the laptop lan port) and a OBD port at the other (for connecting to the OBD port of the car). All F series cars need the same type of cable.

You can search for the ENET cable online. Just search for the cheapest one, they`re all the same, don`t think that a higher price means higher quality, it`s not the case with these cables which are very easy to build.

2. E-SYS interface 

PS. other software difference between for BMW E-series and F-series
Some tools are Exx Only, some are Fxx only, and some are for both Exx and Fxx Chassis:
ISTA/D (Exx & Fxx Chassis): Diagnosis
ISTA/P (Exx & Fxx Chassis): Programming, FSC Code Import and Activation
INPA (Exx & Fxx Chassis): Diagnosis
Tool Set 32 (Exx & Fxx Chassis): Diagnosis, Coding
E-Sys (Fxx Chassis Only): Programming, FSC Code Import and Activation Coding
WinKFP/NFS (Exx Chassis Only): Programminig
NCS Expert (Exx Chassis Only): Coding
FSTool (Exx Chassis Only): FSC Code Import and Activation
All of these programs work though EDIABAS (Electronic Diagnostic Basic System), which is an ECU Communication operating system and require an Interface (K=DCAN Cable, ENET Cable, ICOM, etc.)

---> back to BMW ENET cable Main Interface for more info

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