Friday, May 20, 2016

E-sys coding auto start stop off notification on 2012 F30s

So I noticed that the 2012 F30s don't seem to have this feature even if you received the latest dealer software update.

Just now, I changed the build date on my VO to 0712, VO coded KOMBI and it all works! When auto start stop is not running, I get a notification on my instrument cluster just like on the 2013 models!

VO Code Kombi with normal build date, 

then read Kombi ECU, 

go into E-Sys CAF Folder (e.g. C:\ESysData\CAF), 

copy the Kombi CAFD .NCD file to desktop, 

then rename it.

change your VO date to 0712, 

and repeat the full process, 

find .NCD files.
Name:  Kombi ASS Compare.png
Views: 1103
Size:  15.6 KB(the before and after Kombi .NCD Files, with the ONLY change made between the two states being the VO Production Date (No other VO Changes nor FDL Codings).)

FDL Coding changed to enable the ASS indicator
FDL Code:

FDL Code this on and off to confirm

attached file:
-- VO FA list
-- How to change FA
-- add HO-Wort OMSA and VO Coding CAS
-- disable auto start/ stop

---> back to ENET cable BMW F30 for more info:

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