Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BMW CIC coding - review

Well, I just finish with the installation of the CIC and coding . Im super tired. Everything works GREAT!!! The coding session with Patryk was awesome. Got good and bad news, the bad news is for me since i was the first one to do the retrofit. Let just say the retrofit just got cheaper for everybody thats thinking about doing it.

Had a couple of issues with the installation. 
1. To install the new idrive controller it requires to remove the whole armrest and do some cutting that i did not want to do.
2. To install the new center trim it requires a new shifter trim.
3. AC console is a bit smaller, will have to upgrade to a lci one, but its ok for now.

The good news is that the the current idrive controller works great with the CIC. In another words its not worth changing the trim just to be able to use the new controller. The only thing that the new idrive controller has on the old one is source presets built in to the new controller but you are able to program the shortcuts in the 1-8 presets. Everything else works the same.

If you have a CCC system(pre-lci) the only parts you have to get is the CIC trim and optional AC console(used). You can use everything else. No need to change to trim, no need to relocate the ashtray. Thats about $500 -$600 in savings. 

LCI owners only need to change CIC trim, thats it.

Kinda pissed that im now stuck with quite a few parts that was not needed. Hopefully i can work out something with Garry@ Newport BMW to return them, i know i might get killed with the restocking fee.

I was also happy to find out that my Dension 500 works perfect 

The Navigation FSC code was successfully loaded . Navigation WORKS!!!! The only issue which was a miscommunication between me and Patryk because he thought i had a USA CIC but i had an European CIC, so i need the US map which he will send me via FTB on Monday. Its a 15gb download.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

BMW F10 Digital Speedometer Coding with ENET cable

Here’s the instruction on how to install E-Sys and psdzdata to do BMW F10 coding with BMW ENET Cable.
* model
* device
  1. A laptop PC with Windows OS
  2. ENET Coding Cable

The BMW coding cable is basically a cable which has an Ethernet port at one end (for plugging into the laptop lan port) and a OBD port at the other (for connecting to the OBD port of the car). All F series cars need the same type of cable.
* software
to code BMW F10, you need E-Sys and psdzdata
E-Sys 3.26.1 installation procedure
  1. Extract Esys
After you downloaded the esys archive, extract it using Winrar. Right click and click “extract here”
This will create a folder called E-Sys 3.26.1 containing all the files needed for the installation.
How to install Esys
Click on E-Sys_Setup_3_26_1_b42487.exe in order to begin the installation process.
Select English or whichever language you need, click next
click “I accept the agreement”, click next
Select E-sys installation location, the default location is C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys and that`s good you can leave it like that.
set the data path for Esys, the default is C:\Data which is fine also.
Click next until the installation begins
click Finishafter the installation process finished .
(This ends the basic installation procedure for E-sys)
Note: Learn the tricky part of making it work.
see two folders, one is a Patch and one is a software that generates a Token needed for Esys
The patch folder contains 2 files
You must place the svc0x80.jar file in the lib directory (C:/EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys/lib). Right click on it, Copy and then go to the destination folder, right click and Paste it.
Place the E-Sys.bat (batch file) in the same directory as the .exe file. Replace the .bat file in that directory (C:/EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys)
Use the Token Software – enter a username (an be anything), same for the password, just make sure to set something simple you can remember. This will save the Token file in My Documents folder. Leave it there, Esys will look for it in that location.
* How to install psdzdata
This is an important and final step of the installation process. The esys installation doesn`t contain any data so you must copy the data into the right folder.
I recommend using the “lite” version of the Psdzdata because it has all the Firmware data removed so it saves a lot of space (376mb instead of 20GB so there`s a BIG difference). The guy from the Fiverr gig above offers Full data and also the Lite version so you can use whichever you want.
To extract the psdzdata archive you need WinRAR or Winzip installed on your laptop.
Right click on the archive -> Extract here
When the extraction process is finished you will have a new folder called “psdzdata”. After that go to C:\Data and erase the existing “psdzdata” folder and copy the extracted one in the same location. By doing this you are basicly replacind the empty psdzdata folder with the one that contains the data files needed to code you BMW F10.
E-SYS Installation complete!
* How to use E-sys
Open Esys on desktop
click on Options -> Settings, after Esys has loaded
E-Sys-psdzdata-code-bmw-f10 (10)
Go to the EST interface and set the EST Token location
click Ok to close the “Settings” window.
Esys setup compete!
* How to code BMW F10
Now we are ready to code BMW F10 with mod “Activate digital speedometer”.
First plug the ENET cable to F10 OBD port and to the laptop’s USB port
push the “Start” button of your car without pushing the brake
click the connect icon in Esys
choose your chassis
Choose F010 as a target as pictured below, never use F010_DIRECT
click “Connect
NOTE: If the Esys target window is empty and there are no possible selections, it means you didn`t copy the “psdzdata” folder to C:\Data correctly.
In case you have other F series BMWs you want to code I will show you what targets you must choose in Esys for each model:
F001 psdzdata covers the F01/F02/F03/F04/F07 (5-Series GT is an F07 NOT an F10)
F010 psdzdata covers the F06/F10/F11/F12/F13/F18
F020 psdzdata covers the F20/F21/F22/F23/F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F35/F36/F45/F80/F82/F83
F025 psdzdata covers the F15/F16/F25/F26/F48/F85/F86
F056 psdzdata covers the F64/F55 F56 (Mini Coopers)
I001 psdzdata covers the i3/i8
click “Read” Vehicle Order TO load the FA, which contains all the information about the modules and options installed on your BMW.
click on “Read SVT”. This will list all the modules installed on the car and show them as a list on the left side of the screen. We will be using this list to do the actual coding. You can always click on the images on this page to zoom in. If you`re on mobile, for larger pictures you can switch to landscape mode to see the pictures better
Right click on any module you wish to modify
click “Read Coding Data”.
In this example, we will be coding the Digital Speedometer on the dashboard, so we are reading the KOMBI module.
After Reading the coding data, you must get a confirmation window like this.
Click on the new CAFD folder in order to expand it
then right click like in the example above and “Edit FDL”. You will be asked for the Token PIN so make sure you remember it, so set something easy when generating the token. I always set it to12345678 so it`s easy to remember.
Search for the value to change
Recommend the “Software” section in the ENET package to get the securest Cheat Sheet for BMW F10.
all you need to do is to expand the “Ausgelesen” branch
right click on the value and edit it to make it “Aktiv” (enable) or “Nicht Aktiv” (disable) a feature.
Click on the Blue Disk Icon (top left) to save the changes click on the “Green arrow” to  back to the SVT List Screen
Activate the FA first before doing the actual FDL coding
click now on “Code FDL”
your cluster maybe restarts, this is normal when the coding procedure is completed. You will also have to set the time and date again.
You`ve just completed your first MOD! Now you`ll have a Digital Speedometer in the cluster, just browse the menus with the BC key and you will see it, it`s the last menu iten.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Obtain FSC codes without ICOM A2 - CIC HACK

Share a simple way to obtain FSC code for all F models and latest E models, with no need of ICOM A2 to get 1B file.
Latest E and F models have on OBD conector 4 connections to CIC (RX+ , RX- , TX+ and TX-).
Make your own ENET cable using a CAT5 lan cable, a 510-560 ohm resistor and a OBD male plug, or, purchase it online. Only four wires are connected and there is no need to ground anything.

For those models without TX and RX on OBD plug, you will have to make your own connection on the 10 pin plug, in the back of your CIC/CCC unit.

Setup your laptop network card TCP/IPV4 to:
DNS does not matter.

You can set your IPV4: control panel / network and sharing center than chose you connection and click properties.

Connect ENET cable to your pc and to your car and turn on ignition (ACC).
Use internet explorer and goto Chrome or other browser were reported to be not so good as IE.

If user and password is asked: 
user: root
Password : cic0803 or Hm83stN

go to root
click on directory HBpersistence
click on directory normal
click on file generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTController and save it.

Download a Hex editor (for instance HXD) and install.
Open the file you have downloaded from CIC with HxD and set HxD to HEX mode.
Seach on file for 01 01 00 1B
Highlight and delete eveything prior to 01 01 00 1B
On line 130 delete last block (last 2 entries) and everything after it.
Save file as "a.hex". You will get an exactly 319 bytes file. 

Downlods fsc tools. The only thing required is FSC.EXE and FSC.BAT. Edit fsc.bat file in order to input your map region and year. 
Map region and year are obtained from map info on last install usb. Use Hxd to read it.

For WEST Europe you will see 0028 0008 on 2016-1 premium map.
0028 is west europe followed by year (0008 is 2016, 0007 is 2015,....).

You can generate a FSC code using on your fcs.bat file 0x28 0x08 (2016-1 premium west europe map) 
If you want to generate a lifetime code, use:
0x28 0XFF and change this on fsc.bat. 

Your FSC.BAT will look like this:

IF NOT EXIST fsc.exe ECHO File fsc.exe NOT FOUND !
IF NOT EXIST a.hex ECHO a.hex does NOT EXIST !
fsc a.hex 0x28 0xFF > code.txt

IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 ECHO File code.txt was created successfuly!

Other regions are obtained from map info.
0xFF generates a lifetime code.

Make sure that fcs.bat, fcs.exe and a.hex are together and run fcs.bat.
If everything is in order, you will get a code.txt. file with your code.

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E-sys connection issues when NBT retrofit 2014 F31

As a complete coding idiot please bear with me, no doubt I have done something wrong that is very simple. Having followed the e-sys pdf I can not connect to the car.

The "connection via vin" option is always grayed out. I have gone back and checked all steps. Also turned car off for 30 mins.

I am using an old windows 7 laptop, would this cause issues?

The NBT fit has gone so well, everything is working except no sound! Was going from HU_ENRY with EBT and HK. Thanks to kitster for various emails I bought an additional bluetooth antenna,usb cable and MOST loop for the connection at the combox end. I have also moved the MOST connector to my emulator quad lock.

Any suggestions???
Esys can have some odd connection issues sometimes.

Here are some things to check first of all:

 your OBDII cable, does it have an LED indicator on it? If so, the moment you plug it to the port, does the LED come on? If not it might be a faulty cable. Check the port in the car itself to ensure there aren't any issues. Ensure the car is completely off, connect the cable first, and then turn the ignition on. Additionally, don't turn on the engine either to code, just turn the ignition on. I think there was also a user who had an issue where, if their battery was not charged enough, it would not connect either and they got it working by trickle charging the battery for a few hours... although this is probably unlikely in your case, but perhaps as a last resort kind of thing.

 try to switch off wifi/bluetooth on your laptop and solely keep it to ethernet only so that there's no possible interference. Once the cable is connected, keep checking the connection status on windows of the ethernet adapter till it is recognised as a "limited connection" (or a balloon should pop up signifying this). Then try to connect to E-sys.

check is the ethernet connection itself. Your ethernet adapter should have DHCP activated on windows to retrieve a new IP address, it should not be static. Additionally, if it isn't static, and if you use ethernet to connect to your home network, then after unplugging, restart the computer, and then try plugging the cable back in and attempt the esys connection again.

while this probably won't make a difference, what version is your E-sys? Sometimes a very old version can be an issue. E-sys 3.24.3 at least should be the version. Additionally, are there options shown in the target selector box?

Windows 7 itself shouldn't make a difference, E-sys is compatible. In fact it's compatible with Windows XP as well.

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BMW F10 M5 NBT IDrive Retrofit success

NBT retrofit for the F10 is not so straightforward/easy. Nevertheless, i have successfully retrofitted the NBT IDrive with Touch controller on a the beautiful beast! 

Original car is a Japanese M5 with CIC navigation. Conversion was done successfully with all 100% of features and functions retained!

You need buy ENET cable with E-sys interface

p.s. NBT retrofit for F0x/F1x is very much specific to the vehicles manufacturing year/build, therefore, it will be ideal if we can inspect/check your car before providing you with a nod on the NBT retrofit for your F01/02/F07/F10/F11.

other personalized function can be realized by ENET cable with E-sys program:
1. Lock unlock sound confirmation ( to prevent radio interference, add sound to confirm car locked when turn light confirmation inconvenient. This is setup in cic)
2. Can operate the navigation menu including watching dvd when driving( for driving safety. Let the side driver operate the navigation menu )
3. Display engine output and torque meter ( purely fun, look engine output )
4. Cancel confirmation screen big screen boot delay
5. Open the voice recognition function
6. Three kind of bluetooth phone ringtones ( personality only )
7. Increasing the cic memory address to 50
8. The glass automatically rise to the top process is not terminated by the car door ( easy to get off to close the window waiting )
9. The digital speed display ( fun only )
10. Air-conditioned memory of the last off state ( without air conditioning season is more convenient )
11. Indoor cycling memories of the last time the state when engine off
12. A-pillar electric tailgate buttons and remote control a key to close the power tailgate. At any time terminate the reverse operation ( turn off 15 minutes or more reset )
13. Increasing shift paddles
14. The small screen to the large-screen display modify
15. Pdc display vertical and horizontal
16. Disable the seat belt status display - passenger seat
17. Disable the seat belt status display - driver seat
18. Disable seat belt reminder mistake ! The link is invalid. Device - passenger seat
19. Disable seat belt reminder - driving position
20. Disabled unfasten their seat belts voice prompts - passenger seat
21. Disabled unfasten their seat belts voice prompts - driving position
22. Intersection vehicle high beam automatic control ( no condition tested. Do not know if it is valid )
23. Angel eyes open and cancel functions
24 turn off the engine start-stop function turned on by default
25, gps time synchronization
26. Foot open the back cover
27. Ds show s1-s7 selection
28. Active sports gearbox program sport +
29. Single microphone settings
30. Engine off automatically unlock
31. Internet applications
32. Armrest usb playback video
33. The maximum distance disable front camera view
34. The maximum distance to disable the rear camera view
35. Maximum speed disable front camera view
36. The maximum speed to disable the rear camera view

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BMW CIC Retrofit vs NBT Retrofit

whether should you go for a CIC Retrofit or NBT Retrofit, when looking to “update their iDrive”? here you will know benefits and advantages of each one of the retrofits.

Let’s start with a bit of history…

09/2008 – CIC Navigation System entered the BMW market in 2008. It was introduced as a replacement to the old and inefficient CCC Navigation and Entertainment System, and opened a new chapter in OEM Vehicle Navigation and Entertainment Systems. CIC Navigation System is still the latest Navigation System, which is installed in BMW E-series from factory.

It is based on a powerful Video and Graphical processor; it has an internal 80GB HDD for multimedia and maps storage. Fast response speed, high resolution of the display, appealing and ergonomic design, improved internal structure of the components and many other features make CIC Navigation System the leader in its class of OEM vehicle navigation systems.

07/2012 – CIC was superseded by an NBT Navigation System, and NBT currently is the latest Navigation System which is installed in BMW F-series from factory. We released a special adapter, called eNBT Retrofit Adapter, which permits installation of NBT into E-series, so NBT retrofit is an option for owners of E-series as well.

You need tools for 
CIC retrofit and NBT retrofit :
ENET (ethernet to obd) cable for BMW F series
K+DCAN cable for BMW E-series

Main advantages of CIC Retrofit over CCC Navigation System

• Internal hard drive (80GB): maps and music can be stored on hard drive
• Faster processor (faster response speed)
• Better graphics
• No more overheating issue
• Huge step forward from the older CCC
• More ergonomic design
• CIC permits other multimedia retrofits to be added: Combox, BMW Apps, BMW plug-in

Main advantages of NBT Retrofit over CIC Retrofit

• 200GB hard drive instead of 80GB drive (available in CIC)
• Combox built-in
• Faster processor (faster response speed)
• Better graphics / higher contract
• Sports Display (real-time power and torque meters)
• M-lap timer 
• Ability to stream video from USB in the armrest (CIC does not allow this)
• BMW Apps
• 3D maps

CIC Retrofit vs. NBT Retrofit

If you are still not sure which retrofit is right for you, please consider the following:

• NBT is the “TOTAL UPGRADE” system, which comes with all “bells and whistles”, whereas CIC retrofit allows “STEP-BY-STEP UPGRADE”, which makes CIC retrofit more affordable. i.e. you can first do CIC retrofit, than Combox Retrofit, than BMW Apps.

• NBT retrofit is more modern, offers more features, better graphics, faster processor, bigger hard drive, etc.

• CIC retrofit is generally more affordable than NBT retrofit, BUT please keep in mind that:

price of both CIC retrofit and NBT retrofit depends on vehicle’s configuration and your needs – price of NBT retrofit may be a more costly option for one customer, but a more affordable option for another customer!

Hope this information helps you in deciding which “iDrive retrofit” is right for you!