Monday, August 29, 2016

E-sys coding LED head lamps off to 2015 F80

It’s a customer feedback on coding LED head lamps off on BMW F series f80 2015, using the ENET cable bmw together with E-sys program 

There are two modules to FDL code, the left and right TMS.

Within TMS, search for Standlicht Modus 1 & Standlicht Modus 2, and change the Werte Value 64 to 00 as follows:

Original: 00, 03, 00, 00, 64, 03, 00, 00, 64, 03, 00, 00, 2B, 04, 00, 00
Change: 00, 03, 00, 00, 00, 03, 00, 00, 64, 03, 00, 00, 2B, 04, 00, 00

That will turn them off. Confirmed this works on my own car. Note that the 3 amber LED's will still turn on when you unlock the car at night and the corona rings and welcome lights turn on. That setting is somewhere else in LHM and it just hasn't been found yet. They will be off when you turn the car on. 

For Xenons:

FEM_BODY Module:

Turn off Amber Side Markers next to Headlight:

All done via E-SYS interface

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BMW i8 Error: Refueling possible (solved via E-sys)

While coding my car today (just normal feature like disable disclaimer, enable acoustic sound when lock/unlock, remember last air con setting, roll windows when opening, mirror fold with lock, etc...
Suddenly it start giving me error: Refueling possible, and sometimes refueling possible at 0%,
I tried to take the car to driving around for a while, around 5km, sometimes the error gone, but then come back quickly.

During coding, there is 1 time when coding air con setting (IHKA3 module), it finish with warning (red letter, I accidentally closed without reading the message, but then I press code FDL again, then this time ok without any error. After that the AC button is blinking (recalibrating).

I tried to use E-sys enet cable  to clear all DTC but still not helping. Even tried hard reset, but the error still there.

What I tried for my i8:
First time message shows: I did open the fuel cap and refill at petrol station, then close it, double check and confirmed it all ok => Message still shows.

Then I use tools32 with f01 files to clear all fault code, message still there.

Then I use E-sys and did all reset (Latest line clear all DTC), and hard reset. Lots of error messages show, but they all gone later (IE: Auto Start / Stop, transaction, pedestrian, etc.)
Then test driver (I don't think this help at all)
Then open the fuel cap, fully open it, hang it on the small ring, then close it, then message gone.

===> I think have to clear fault code, then open then close fuel tank.

Also, close E-Sys, relaunch it, and use Read ECU instead of reading SVT.

All solved!! So if anyone have the same problem, check try to do what I did.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to run BMW ICOM A2 with E-SYS

It is possible use the icom a2 to work in the e-sys??
Yes, just lock it with EasyConnect, obd_ab625 and then insert your ICOM IP in ESYS connection manager.

Here are the steps:
You have to lock/check the ICOM IP in ISTA-D so E-Sys can use it. Therefore you need a tool like EasyConnect or iToolRadar.

Connect the ICOM, turn the ignition on, start f.e. iToolradar. Now you can see the connection from the ICOM (normally on, mark it and click on reserve
(in EasyConnect is different but as easy as itoolradar).

Start E-Sys, choose the target (f.e. F010) and click on "connection ICOM/Ethernet". Type the IP address (here, the port is 50160, so the result should be tcp://

Connect and have fun.

Note: TRY ON YOUR RISK. The instruction via pictures is kind of different that via words, especially ICOM IP setup. Both can be tried.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BMW new/old FEM coding manual with E-sys / ISTA-P

Below is tips of BMW F series new and old FEM coding... Wish it helps

Tools for FEM falsh:
An ENET cable for connection (Ethernet to OBD)
Working E-SYS to save the FA from the old FEM. Don't think you can with ISTA.

With E-sys you can read and save VO to a file.
If you don't have ISTA license and you are not online, this is the way you can transfer the car VO to the new FEM.
If you have ISTA licence and you are connected to BMW servers, then ISTA-P will download VO automatically and insert it into the new FEM.

How to code a new FEM:
1. plug your old FEM (I hope it is not completely dead and you can still read VO from it) read VO and save it to a file with E-sys.
2. Disconnect old FEM and plug new FEM, then connect with ENET cable to the car, go to VCM and load VO from the file you saved previously. Then go to master tab and click "write FA" which will write the car VO to the new FEM.
3. Start ista-p and when you see window for replaced modules click Yes and when you see the list, in the bottom tick FEM. ISTA-p will code(configure) and initialize the new FEM to the car.

How to code an old FRM:
I have read both, that Immobilizer (EWS4) is an issue for FEM, and that it is not. For sure it is an issue for DME replacement. I don't think attempting to flash FEM would do anything to DME. Worst case is FEM takes VIN, and still won't sync / decrypt key with DME.

New FEM coding vs old FEM coding:
The easy way is to order a new FEM from BMW, which they then put VIN and Encryption Key in for your car.

BMW FEM coding FAQ:
Q: If the method with flashing used FEM will not work, it will be possible to get back to original FEM from my car ? 
A: I still have this original FEM.
Flashing used FEM will have no affect on your original one.

Q: Is original FEM will be still compatible with flashed modules ?
A: You could also try flashing original FEM, and see if that doesn't solve your problem before resorting to the used FEM.

Q: What charger is good for flashing to avoid interruption during process ?
A: Use any charger good for 50 amp minimum.

Q: Need VIN change during FEM flash?
A: VIN is also taken from FA during vo or fdl-coding, usually no need to flash for matching vin.
But Update VCM and MSM I don't think have to be checked. This is for other purpose. They are not needed when changing vin during a flash. Still they are required when coding a replaced module (after installing it), otherwise svt in vcm will not be corrected.
Above is good point about SVT.

Q: During flashing car engine should be running ?
A: No, it should not be running. You need power supply with 13-15 volts and 50 amps. Other option is to use another car with engine running and jump start cables.

Q: What if during flashing process ignition will switch off ?
What damages to the car this may do?
A: It won't turn off after the flashing has started.

That's it. Happy coding.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Top 5 BMW forums for BMW diagnostics & programming

Here list almost useful BMW forums URLs to help all BMW owners to finish repairing (diagnosis, coding, programming) with ICOM A3ICOM A2, K+Dcan cable for (E-series), ENET cable (F-series), BMW Multi Tool v7.7 key programmer

Top 5 BMW forums


BMW Motorcycle

all above offered by (BMW diagnostics)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Running E-Sys and Java 64-bit

NOTE: The following section is experimental and not recommended for general use. Use at your own risks.

Update: E-Sys 3.24 has also been tested with JRE x64 

E-Sys comes with its own 32bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and since it’s 32bit, maximum memory that can be allocated is 2GB. The runtime uses about 200MB, leaving about 1.8GB usable memory for the application. This free memory must be contiguous, however, before it can be use by JVM. So, just because you have 16GB of RAM, doesn’t mean you can allocate full 1.8GB to E-Sys. This is also the reason why sometimes, it works with 1GB+, other times, you can only allocate 512MB.

Enter JRE 64bit. JRE x64 appears to not have the limitation of JRE 32bit in that I can consistently allocate 4GB of RAM every single time. I only tested with E-Sys 3.27 since I can only find JRE 7 x64. E-Sys 3.24 needs JRE 6. Here are the steps:

1)  Download and install vcredist_x64.exe from this link: 
Download and install JRE 7 x64 from here: 
or from Oracle if you have an account
3) For E-Sys 3.24 Only
Download and install JRE 6 x64 from here:!3YcjVShK!Zq3QH-2_WSCdpRRvNa7Ocikbyp44_bM0aWNtxZOatNs or from Oracle if you have an account  
4) Delete or relocate the content of  the JRE folder under E-Sys (C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\jre)
5) Copy the contents of the JRE you installed into E-Sys JRE (from C:\Program Files\Java\jre6 or C:\Program Files\Java\jre7 to C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\jre)
6)  Run E-Sys Launcher and configure memory as you see fit.

I can run E-Sys consistently using 3.5 and 4GB RAM allocated to it.

How to check how much memory is allocated to E-Sys.
1)  Open the current log file (usually in C:\Data\Logs)
2)  Search for "javamem".
You should see something like the following:
Java (used/javamem): 17,016,928 # Java (full): 127,795,200 # Java (max): 4,260,102,144 # Process (full/procmem): 486,379,520 # Process (virtual): 5,224,296,448 # Process (virtual max): 140,737,488,224,256

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to reset BMW Brake warning light

After replacing pads and sensors (manual: Rear Brake Pads Replacement Procedure), the dash warning will still be illuminated. However, you do not need your BMW dealer to reset the warning message.
To reset the warning on most pre-iDrive models, turn the ignition key to the run position, but do not start the car. After about one minute, the brake pad warning will reset. 
For newer models, the technique to reset the warning may vary.

and this I posted last year:
BMW Brake warning light reset 

just found this on the net: (never tested it on my car) 
Make sure that you replaced the sensor and the brake pads if you did not replace the sensor or pads this will not work. Turn the key to position two (when all of the inspection lights are lit), leave it in this position and leave your driver’s door open a few seconds (between 15 to 90 seconds depending on your car) and it magically resets. If that did not work turn the key to position two and push down on the brake then turn the key off and check to see if it turns off (door must also be open). If this still does not work press down on your brake (hold it pushed down) and turn the key to position two and wait until it turns off. If none of these work please go back and check that you installed the sensor correctly.

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How to replace rear brake pads BMW 520d 2010 F10

Changed rear brake pads on my 2010 F10 520d yesterday. You don't need a computer to do it. See metod below, hope it helps.

F10 BMW 520d 2010 Onwards Rear Brake Pads Replacement Procedure

No computer system is required.
Make sure front wheels are blocked front and rear. With car jacked up and rear wheel removed, start the engine and release the handbrake button which will release the handbrake at the rear callipers. Turn off the engine. The handbrake will remain off. 

Off Side Rear Brake Pads Replacement

Remove EMF brake actuator electrical cable by unplugging, release cable from bracket and unclip further back to move cable away from the work area.

Detached EMF hand brake actuator by unscrewing 2 small torx bolts (star key bolts, not Allen key bolts); one of these bolts will hold the cable bracket, remove actuator from calliper. Rest actuator on suspension wishbone as it still has cables attached. 

Remove floating central section of calliper that contains the piston, by removing 2 x 13mm bolts that are bolted through to the 2 small rubber gators. Take care not to damage the pad wear sensor on the off side rear wheel. Rest this section on a tall item (wooden block or something similar) to avoid putting undue pressure on the brake hose.

Remove brake pads sideways. On off side inner pad carefully release pad wear sensor with screwdriver (it just pops out). Remove metal shims and replace with new or if no new ones available clean up existing shims with wire brush and replace. Attach pad wear sensor to new inside pad and install into place, install outer pad.

On central calliper at the rear of the piston where the actuator spline fits, turn spline clockwise with small tool until it comes to a stop (tried turning anticlockwise as advised by someone but ended up pushing piston out even further). Then use a pressure clamp and gently squeeze piston back into calliper body. Slide central calliper into position back over pads. Replace 2 x 13mm bolts and tighten. 

Offer up EMF hand brake actuator and align spline, when located correctly, actuator will be flush to rear of calliper. Replace cable bracket, replace and tighten 2 x torx bolts (star key bolts). Re-plug actuator cable to actuator. Replace actuator cable and pad wear cables into bracket. Re-clip cable further back. Replace wheel and lower to ground.

Near Side Rear Brake Pads Replacement

Repeat procedure for near side brake pads replacement. Note that there is no pad wear sensor on this side, therefore when the EMF handbrake actuator is unbolted it can be removed and laid on the ground. Continue to follow the above procedure.

Handbrake and footbrake operation

When pad replacement is complete and car is on ground, press footbrake pedal a few times. With foot on footbrake, start car and activate handbrake button a few times which will set EMF brake into working order. With handbrake released you will find the brake auto hold also works correctly.

Job is complete. Now for a test drive.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

possible to clear check engine codes with ENET cable/ Esys?

my puzzle:
I coded some stuff in the Kombi box and triggered a check engine light somehow, the car is running fine. Is there a way with the ENET cable to to check the codes and clear them?

useful tips from
Try Tool32, this is how you do it.

There are two versions of Tool32 in EDIABAS so make sure you use the German version as the English one won't work.

Assuming the fault condition no longer exists, to clear the fault code.

1) Launch C:\EDIABAS\Bin\TOOL32.EXE
2) Hit F3
3) Load C:\EDIABAS\Ecu\F01.PRG
4) In the "Select Job: F01" window, select FS_LOESCHEN_FUNKTIONAL
5) Hit F5
6) "Results" window should show "JOB_STATUS = OKAY"

Note: fs_lesen_funktional only read fault codes, FS_LOESCHEN_FUNKTIONAL will delete it.

That worked perfectly

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