Tuesday, February 28, 2017

BMW F25 ZGW flash, ENET cable or ICOM A2?

I need flash update zgw in bmw f25 but i have error and the car it is dead in mode transport


Tools I have:
I have esys and enet cable with esys 3.27
I have guide the flash by esys in internet but dont work in my car

Questions and answers that helped me:
Q: any solution of ZGW flash?
A: it did flash for me with a DHCP server (tftpd64).
To take the car out out of transport mode just VO code any ECU - right-click on the ECU (e.g. something like the audio one) and select code. Do NOT click on Code Defaults - ever.

Here's what worked for me:
e-Sys 3.27.1, tftpd64's DHCP: Ethernet card set to static, pool starts at, pool size 1024, subnet mask, gw Connection by ZGW's IP, swdeploy only. Completed OK, though C207 error when executing SVTsollupdate (which was fixed when I did the full flash -ZGW).

Q: I have put 4 selc bflash,swdeploy,cddeploy,ibadeploy and you see also swdeploy?
I can obtain error for this selection?
A: Normally only the swDeploy will be run anyway - this depends on the SVT Target (what i-Step you come from, what your hardware is) and what TAL was generated. Shorty answer - yes. An error is likely with ENET and ZGW

Q: Can i put zgw used whit ref. Tell my ista-p? And reflash the zgw whit ista-p?
Or i update my actual zgw whit new firmnware by esys? But i have error , i read what varios zgw dont can update firmnware by esys
A: Yes, you can replace the ZGW with an used one (try to find one with a newer production date than your car and part number asked by ISTA-P).

I have flash with ista/p and icom A2 clone and perfect but i have change my zgw for other what i bought in ebay used zgw
I have eprom all FF and put in the car and reflash whit ista p and all ok

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Any advantages of an ICOM NEXT vs the old ICOM?
Yes, it improves a lot in terms of hardware design and auto diagnosis & ecu programming via software.

-> more stable during programming
-> be necessary for the future Gbit cars

-> faster in F and G series ..
-> faster start-up times and high throughput
-> through high-performance, low-power ARM SoC
-> improved handling
-> more flexible OBD cable
-> lighted button for logs

Demerits: ICOM NEXT not support WIFI, but ICOM A2 support wifi

(solved) E-sys hu-nbt flash failed

 Via Esys 3.28.1 flashed allc ecu's to F010-16-11-503

After flash all is good except hu-nbt.
I think it upgraded the bootloader and 1 more thing but then it stopped.
Now I have a blue screen and in right upper corner : Flashing time : 00:00:00
Then it reboots and so on.

Now i see in SVT:

HU_NBT [63]

and then 8 times:

It said something about no response error from http server.

How can I make out of flashing/rebooting mode?
There are no CAFD files anymore...

I've had the same exact error in my first flashing attempts on my F82.
Quote:17-02-09 22:49:01,482 [Thread-29] [INFO] [] com.bmw.psdz.jobs.varident.uds.MCD3_ReadECUBootloaderId: sjob READ_BTLDID_JOB/MCD3_ReadECUBootloaderId finished Result: [Response 0: [ERROR_CODE: TIMEOUT P2/T2 occurred], [ERROR_DESC: P2 timeout on Service RDBI_SVK has error in result: [Severity=2051][ErrorCode=58640][ErrorCodeDescription=resource not available][VendorCode=2142][VendorCodeDescription=P2 timeout occured]; ECU: HU_NBT_63_ETHERNET], [ERROR_SEVERITY: ERROR]]

One possible cause for loss of comms, as per BMW, to ensure ignition doesnt turn off, fasten driver seatbelt, and I assume you have a PSU or other means to ensure stable voltage during flashing. This sporadic issue may not affect your car series, but better be safe and do it. For your next flashing attempt, PM or share the following three files, svt_ist, svt_soll and svt_tal and a screenshot of your Tal processing screen. (also move your psdz.log out of the dir so you have a new empty logfile)
Quote:5.1.2. Terminal 15 switches off during vehicle treatment
Fault description: During the treatment with ISTA/P, terminal 15 switches off sporadically.
Model series affected:
F20, F21, F22, F23, F30 (HEV, PHEV), F31, F32, F33, F34, F35, F36, F80, F82, F83,
1. Insert driver's seat belt
2. Switch terminal 15,
3. Then attach ICOM,
4. Start ISTA/P session.
Fault corrected by: Currently still open
PS: Please when you reply, dont quote messages wink you can address users, by using @username (@aboulfad,...)

For F-series car,it had a "service function" maybe named by "Cancel/Resume KL15 automatically shutoff" in ISTA,you'd better to cancel it before programming by ISTA/P.

thats cool to know, its in "Powertrain" and is called "Activation/deactivation terminal 15" ! Its quicker to do the seatbelt, but de-activating it in ISTA is probably the sure way, however would be bad if one would forget to re-activate it !!! Unless it doesnt stick beyond ignition re-cycle ?

what's more, you need to probably inject CAFD if you are missing it, from the Master:
Connect => Read FA (VO) => Activate FA (VO) => Read SVT (VCM) => Left-Click on desired ECU => Click on "Detect CAF for SWE" => Select the CAFD from above => Select OK => Right-Click on ECU (the ECU itself not the underlying CAFD) => Select CODE.

note: source: http://cartechnology.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=21721&page=2&highlight=e-sys

Why you need read the 1b file using ESYS?

One thing you can do with the 1b file is to generate a FSC code for map updates.

NBT users should follow that post but CIC users can ignore everything there, just get the Generator.rar from it and move on. Don't read any instructions in the RAR or anywhere else, you don't need to install anything, edit .bat files, figure out year codes, or have Ediabas installed, just extract the one file titled: "fsc.exe" from that rar and place it in whatever directory you have your "a.hex" file in. Super simple. 

Then from the C:\> prompt in that directory just type something like:
fsc a.hex 0x2D 0xFF > code.txt 
Which will create a file called code.txt containing your FSC code. If the file ends up blank or the code doesn't work, make sure your a.hex file is 319 bytes (right-click -> Properties) and make sure your 1b file shows your VIN. If you still get blank files, read reference below:
Some systems will include extra "0D" bytes in the 1b file that need to be deleted. The data just before "01 01 00 1b" tells you the size of the two following blocks and you can delete the appropriate "0D" to properly size each block. The blocks are separated by "00" and there is more detail in "Get-1B-file-from-Exx-CIC-WITHOUT-ICOM" at http://www.e90post.com/

But it may be easier to just delete the first instance, or the second, or the third and generate codes with each iteration. Note that it will generate different codes in each case but only one will work.

For other regions/systems, type the following:

Premium Maps:
Europe: "fsc a.hex 0x28 0xFF > code.txt"
North America: "fsc a.hex 0x2D 0xFF > code.txt"
South America: "fsc a.hex 0x2F 0xFF > code.txt"
Australia/New Zealand: "fsc a.hex 0x03 0xFF > code.txt"
South Africa: "fsc a.hex 0x35 0xFF > code.txt"
Arabian Gulf: "fsc a.hex 0x36 0xFF > code.txt"
Japan: "fsc a.hex 0x37 0xFF > code.txt" 
Taiwan: "fsc a.hex 0x38 0xFF > code.txt" 
Korea: "fsc a.hex 0x39 0xFF > code.txt" 
China: "fsc a.hex 0x3A 0xFF > code.txt" 
HongKong/Macao: "fsc a.hex 0x3B 0xFF > code.txt" 
India: "fsc a.hex 0x3E 0xFF > code.txt" 
Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/Southeast Asia: "fsc a.hex 0x3F 0xFF > code.txt" 
Turkey: "fsc a.hex 0xC4 0xFF > code.txt"

Motion Maps:
Europe: "fsc a.hex 0x47 0xFF > code.txt" 
South America: "2010fsc a.hex 0x4D 0xFF > code.txt" 
Australia/New Zealand: "fsc a.hex 0x4E 0xFF > code.txt" 
Arabian Gulf: "fsc a.hex 0x54 0xFF > code.txt" 
Southern Africa: "fsc a.hex 0x6A 0xFF > code.txt" 

Move Maps:
Europe: "fsc a.hex 0x88 0xFF > code.txt" 
North America: "fsc a.hex 0x89 0xFF > code.txt" 
Southern Africa: "fsc a.hex 0x8A 0xFF > code.txt" 
Arabian Gulf: "fsc a.hex 0x8B 0xFF > code.txt" 
Australia/New Zealand: "fsc a.hex 0x8C 0xFF > code.txt" 
South America: "fsc a.hex 0x8D 0xFF > code.txt" 

Next Maps:
CHINA HONGKONG MACAO: "fsc a.hex 0xA4 0xFF > code.txt" 
TAIWAN: "fsc a.hex 0xA5 0xFF > code.txt"
KOREA: "fsc a.hex 0xA6 0xFF > code.txt"
JAPAN: "fsc a.hex 0xA7 0xFF > code.txt"
NORTH AMERICA: "fsc a.hex 0xA8 0xFF > code.txt"
EUROPE: "fsc a.hex 0xA9 0xFF > code.txt"
TURKEY: "fsc a.hex 0xAA 0xFF > code.txt"
AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND: "fsc a.hex 0xAA 0xFF > code.txt"
ARABIAN GULF: "fsc a.hex 0xAB 0xFF > code.txt"
NORTHERN AFRICA: "fsc a.hex 0xAC 0xFF > code.txt"
SOUTHERN AFRICA: "fsc a.hex 0xAD 0xFF > code.txt"
SOUTHEAST ASIA: "fsc a.hex 0xAE 0xFF > code.txt"
SOUTH AMERICA: "fsc a.hex 0xAF 0xFF > code.txt"
INDIA: "fsc a.hex 0xB0 0xFF > code.txt"
ISRAEL: "fsc a.hex 0xB1 0xFF > code.txt"

Note: Script-hacked CIC's will not accept a FSC code directly, contact your scripter.