Monday, May 22, 2017

BMW ENET E-sys Windows XP

This is how to install the  BMW ENET  E-sys coding software on Windows XP...

01) Run "\\ E-sys 3.18.4 \ E-Sys_Setup.exe" to install the program to "C: \ EC-Apps \ ESG \ E-Sys \ E-sys.exe"
(Installation Password is "lo8F3lsVVg" if prompted)
02) Copy "Ediabas" folder from "\\ E-sys 3.18.4 \ E-sys 3.18.4 \ Ediabas" to "C: \ Ediabas"
03) Make sure that "C: \ Ediabas \ Bin \ EDIABAS.INI" is set to Interface = ENET (it is possible that it has a different value, in this case, simply change)
04) Copy the "is" folder from "\\ E-sys 3.18.4 \ is" to "C: \ ESysData \ e-sys is"
05) Copy all the "psdzdata" subdirectories (all 7 folders) from "\\ 2_46.3 psdzdata \" to "C: \ ESysData \ psdzdata \"
06) Copy the contents of the "C: \ ESysData \ psdzdata \ swe" folder to the "C: \ ESysData \ SWE" folder.
07) Make sure there is a "Dist" folder in each of the chassis (F01 / F10 / F25), etc. (For example,  
"C: \ ESysData \ psdzdata \ handseries \ F010 \ F010_12_03_511 \ ODX \ dist") (should already be set, but you should check in anyway - if not there -
08) Turn Auxillary Power On Car (motor off) and connect car with OBDII-Enet interface cable (Wait a few minutes until the network card icon shows a connection with the exclamation mark Yellow above)
09) Run "C: \ Ediabas \ Hardware \ ENET \ ZGW_SEARCH.exe" to check the cable and connection are working (IP address, MAC address, and VIN will be displayed checking the actual communication to the car) (ZGW_SEARCH.exe Works intermittently on 64-bit Windows - not necessarily a problem if the ZGW_SEARCH window is empty, as long as the wired network adapter of the computer displays an IP address assigned to the car's computer)
10) Run "C: \ EC-Apps \ ESG \ E-Sys \ E-sys.exe" and Options, Settings: On the ODX tab, The ODX Path to "C: \ ESysData \ Rules" rule on the EST tab, set the developer-soft-Token path to "C: \ ESysData \ is \ code Away.est"
11) Press the connect button on E-Sys Target Vehicle Selection (eg TargetSelector: Project = F020_12_03_503m VehicleInfo = F020) NOTE: Target vehicle for F30 is F20!
12) Select Connect via VIN, then click Connect (window should appear confirming successful connection)
(The program will remember the "connection via VIN" for future connections)
13) When you first connect to your car, you will need the PIN E-Sys, which is 2690
14) Please see other way to documents regarding coding itself.
15) Miscellaneous:
a. Some modules take a long time before the changes begin to work (for example, trunk and mirror nearby). If it still does not work after one hour, try recoding the module again, even though it appears that the correct parameter (eg "nicht_aktiv") is set.
b. Share undocumneted encodings with the community.
c. If encoding for an extended period of time (> 30 minutes or more

Friday, May 19, 2017

E-sys PSdZData Full vs PSdZData Lite

The latest E-sys PSdZData Lite 61.4 vs PSdZData Full 61.4... here you go

v61.4 PSdZData Lite download free: (not tested)

v61.4 PSdZData Full download: (not tested)

E-Sys 3.28.1 Psdzdata Lite V3.61.1 download: (not tested)

Esys 3.23.4 PSdZData 60.3 download: (tested OK)

61.4 PSdZData - Lite and Full Versions are not password protected!!

Latest works with all F /I / G cars, no matter ECU set.

ISTA/P 3.61.4 released notes: 


what is the psdzdata?

The Psdzdata is basically a pack that contains all the data needed for E-sys software to be able to code a car, flash ecus and firmware update of the modules on the car.

Full Psdzdata vs Lite Psdzdata for Esys


1. The Lite version contains only the basic files needed for Coding only and it`s much smaller in size..around 400mb.
2. The Full version is HUGE, it has over 20GB and it`s not needed by most people because it contains data that is used only for Firmware update which is not recommended doing with an ENET Cable anyway, for that purpose you need an ICOM and other kind of software like the BMW ISTA-P.

which version to choose? Psdzdata full or lite?

You can go ahead with either one depending on how much free space you have on your laptop`s HDD.

When to use Psdzdata full? When to use Psdzdata lite?

Car got reprogrammed. Can i get a link for latest ESYS and lite psdzdata.

Create a Flash TAL with Lite version, and see what ECU's are targeted for update, and then if needed, download Full version and Flash them.

If you're not going to flash the ECU and just doing FDL coding then the lite version is all you need.

Lite version is identical, but with all the SWFL (flash firmware files) removed, which are only needed for Flashing (not coding), so it weighs in at only 25% of the size.

Actually, people should download only what they need. 

Does Psdzdata work with the obdii bluetooth module or only the enet cable?

ENET cable only.

Monday, May 15, 2017

VXDIAG A3 & BMW ICOM A2, which better?

ICOM A2 seems more populous coz it has been accepted in the market for a long time, while the new VXDIAG A3 BMW is cost-effective & functional and should be a good option to have a try for those new investors looking for BMW ICOM A2.

What is VXDIAG A3?

€409= Allscanner VXDIAG A3 = ICOM A2 + Vxdiag 5054 + Vxdiag JLR
619.99= BMW ICOM A2 (€475) + Vxdiag vcx nano 5054 odis 3.0.3 wifi (€59.99) + Vxdiag vcx nano Jaguar Land Rover JLR SDD v145 (€85

So, SAVED €210.99 with a VXDIAG A3 diagnostic tool!

VXDIAG A3 BMW and BMW ICOM A2, any difference?

VXDIAG A3 BMW and ICOM A2 share the same software for BMW diagnostics, coding and programming; so, VXDIAG A3 BMW works as well as . But theyre kind of different in details.

1- manufacturer & hardware design
VXDIAG A3 and ICOM A2 is designed and produced by different manufacturers.
VXDIAG A3, look at this
 ICOM A2, look at this 
 2- original or clone
VXDIAG A3 is original, made by Allscanner.
ICOM A2+B+C is the copy version; differs from various China factories.

3- stability: THE MOST IMPOTRANT!!!!
Allscanner VXDIAG A3 runs much more stable than icom a2 in diagnostics and programming.

4- BMW motorcycles solution
Icom a2 with Icom D adapter 100% work great for BMW moto diagnostics and programming, but this function is not confirmed by Allscanner. Maybe need luck with vxdiag a3.
So, it not advised as an investment of bmw moto repair.

5- software version
Vxdiag a3: ISTA-D v40.01.21  ISTA-P v3.59.4.004
Icom a2: ISTA-D: 3.51.31  ISTA-P:

The newest icom software version:

ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P

Note: vxdiag a3 not only can work with bmw icom software but ODIS software, JLR SDD.
That is, its used as a full diagnostic & programming tool for BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini , LAND ROVER &JAGUAR.

All BMW software is verified working no issues:

BMW ISTA-D (Diagnostic);
BMW ISTA-P (Programming)
BMW Group ISPI (the fourth generation of BMW diagnostic software client);
E-SYS (Engineer Software for F series, available for programming, coding, Customization, realize hidden functions, advanced features);
WINKFP (for E series: programming, upgrade and downgrade);
Ediabas Tool32 (enter key, import codes, delete certification, advanced features of BMW series);
INPA (read vehicle information, diagnosis, read and clear trouble codes);
BMW Coding (for E series: import data, change the code or realize hidden functions);
KSD2 (offer full vehicle repairing information for diagnosis or programming);
NCS-Expert tool (for E series: set codes, realize hidden functions and change settings);

Note: BMW software engineer version is the quick and easy diagnostic programming and coding system that German BMW engineers are using. The system is designed in English and German. The Engineer version is so practical and powerful that it can achieve professional features which all the original professional computers can realize, can change the language into Chinese through the OBD port for import cars (Europe regulation cars, the United States and the United States, Africa, etc.). Features mainly include: diagnosis, programming (incl. programming one module only), coding, realize hidden function, new features activation, the module system update

Functions Confirmed via the VXDIAG A3 for BMW:

01 use the button in the cab to close the trunk (electric tailgate), to terminate the reverse operation at any time (available in cars with the electric tailgate)
02 activate the Bluetooth phone function, to automatically play the music inside the phone every time you start the car. (Available in models with a USB port in the armrest box or gear)
03 support audio and video playback via USB cable as well as via iPod. 
04 connect to the phone through the Wi-Fi (mobile phones are required to install software)
05 open the voice recognition function (currently only available in English digital telephone dialing)
06 operate the navigation menu when driving, watch DVD (Even the original car is available with CD, you can also watch DVD)
07 Active internet applications (available in post 2012.09 models with professional navigation, but some unsupported with unclear reasons)
08 immediately fold the rear-view mirror with the remote control (for the original car, owners need to press the lock key for 1.5 seconds)
09 activate gearbox program on the sport cars, at a quicker response for speeding up. But it will cause fault codes in ECU test in the 4S shop. (NOT recommended)
10 effectively prevent rear-end collision because brake lights flash quickly when braking severely (for 3 Series 5 Series, testing)
11 use mobile phone traffic to surf the Internet on iDrive via the phone Bluetooth (not tested yet)
12 adjust the warning speed of changing a lane (available in high-end cars with the rearview mirror with the dead angle warning indicator) (not tested yet)
13 automatically released the handbrake (parking button) when the vehicle is started (testing)
14 add the lane departure system and roadside warning identification function (available in optional cars with front cameras) (not tested yet)
15 L7 around Sound Pro

Personalized Customization

1. Set Seat Belt Alarm time (second/sec)
2. Disable passenger Seat Belt Alarm 
3. Disable driver Seat Belt Alarm
4. Set the engine on/off status the same as that before the ignition off or the default status off.
5. Set the central lock automatically unlock when ignition off
6. Set Fuel Economy Mode as default mode after ignition on
7. Enable roll up window when open car door
8. Enable the option of DRL (Day Running Lights) on or off. 
9. Set Highlight auxiliary and intersection traffic light “Automatic”
10.  Enable to adjust DRL brightness (the default factory setting is brightest)
11.  Set fog light turn on while headlight is on
12. Enable to Lock/Unlock sound  and adjust the volume 
13.  Enable auto close sunroof when raining (May lead to initialize sunroof, it will work only after ignition on for 10 seconds, not very effective.)
14.  Set windshield wiper Back in place when ignition off
15. Set sunroof automatically close in a tilted state (It needs to initialize sunroof)
16. Set the turn signal light on/off times (F30)
17.  Enable CIC menu display CI version
18.  Three Bluetooth phone rings available
19.  Enlarge phone number and text storage (25 to 50)

A/C (Automatic Air Conditioning)

20.  Set indoor internal circulation memory the same as that when the ignition off last time.
21. Set air conditioning memory the same as that when ignition off last time.
22.  Display engine output power and torque on navigation screen
23.  Cancel home screen boot delay confirm message
24.  Cancel rear view camera statement when reversing
25.  Display available gas station on navigation
26. Display speed limit info (Need hardware support)
27. Display engine torque menu
28. Auto headlight
29. TPMS
30. Display tire pressure and temperature (Need hardware support)
31. Adjust mile to kilometer
33. GPS time synchronization
34. Dashboard stimulate instant fuel consumption: change from 20 to 30
35. Enable dashboard light on always 
36. Enable dashboard light always on at night (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
37. Enable dashboard light always on at daytime (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
38. Enable dashboard lights turn grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
39. Enable dashboard lights turn orange or grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of BMW 530)
40. DS Mode display current shift from S1 to S7
41. Set Head-Up Display (Navigation map distance and turn signal, etc.) (Need hardware support)
42 PDC reversing radar is changed vertically and horizontally