Monday, November 20, 2017

My Experience with new EsysX software

Im here to answer questions:
Somebody tried the new Esysx software already?
Is it better then Launcher Pro?

Not better or worse. 

I won't pretend to an expert of Esys , but I use E-sys launcher Pro daily long ago and more than a year in the EsysX since I use Gkoukou solution long ago ( more than 5 years ).

To be honest , I'm always grateful to have token master's solution , but as you may understand it's like I use AMD in all of my desktops and Intel in all of my laptops , the purpose is to have balance but to compare which one is better , many may tell you that the Intel CPU got better performance than the AMD , but I actually prefer the AMD more and won't choose Intel if it's a desktop again .

Since 3.27.1 , I actually prefer EsysX much more and using it most of the time (now the 3.30.1), do you do programming by Esys a lot ? if you did than you probably get my feel because EsysX handles the memory better , it's actually much stable and faster in my opinion , I can't prove this cause I'm not a programmer nor a software expert , it just my experience , although I didn't do the latest launcher Pro update since lots of issue were reported .

Update: I activated e-sys 3.31. At first , everything seems OK including editors, just like the Token Master launcher. Still has no online update support. I hope it has the next version. The rest is very easy to use, it has an interesting function of generating FSC code from VIN. I have not tried it yet, I have seen it have a 50-count counter. I do not know how to renew the counter. We can get information here.
I forgot what is important. Support is (now) very good. Paul ( responds quickly and promptly to the questions.

Update: Esysx has much more better support, not waiting weeks or months for answer.Activation process easier.
It has actual CAF mapping data , not always old ones.
FDL cheat sheets, and you can make very easy scripts for your desired coding, without having knowledge of java.

The biggest advantage is automated online activation process.

And it has no Expiry date!

It was a good change to use Esysx

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Free download BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.08.12 ISTA-P (11.2017 )

Free download 11.2017 BMW ICOM diagnostic /programming software ISTA-D 4.08.12 ISTA-P on Mega with questions and answers frequently asked.


Note:  The software is not me, to use at your risk. I am not responsible for a bad use.

If you want use ICOM software with safety, i recommend this:
I confirmed this works perfect in BMW diagnostic, coding and programming on Exx & Fxx cars.

Space required: A full installation of ista-p 3.63 without older installed versions needs 244gb space free.

Installation of 3.63.0 with installed version:
- 3.62.0 needs 103gb
- 3.62.1 needs 95gb
- 3.62.2 needs 114gb
- 3.62.3 needs 114gb
- 3.62.4 needs 114gb
- 3.62.5 needs 114gb
space free.

Vehicle coverage: From ISTA/P version 3.62.0 on (end of June 2017), the programming of the F, G, I series with ISTA/P will be gradually switched off.

Model series affected:
F, G, I series vehicles.
· Series F056 can no longer be dealt with as of ISTA/P 3.62.1.
· Series I001, F001, F025, S15A, S15C can no longer be dealt with as of ISTA/P 3.63.0.


Q: I have question about installing ISTA/P, clean and fresh install or installing over old version?
A: You have to uninstall the old version before.

Q: I have 110GB free, with istap file inside it will be free only 31GB and for installation is needed 230GB free, what now?
A: Purchase bigger HDD or download standalone.

Q: How did you install 3.63 with only 150gb? The installer would not continue...
A: First thought was to remove all data from ISTA/P but I have removed PsDZ and SQLiteDBs from Rheingold, I have tried and installer didn't brake installation, instead of 240 GB it was only 137 GB needed.

Q: ISTA-P standalone? Sure? Where can i find this?
A: Here you go. 63.0 PSdZData - Lite and Full Versions:

Q: The folder pzd-data alone is not ista-p. how should it work? how to install the other files from ista-p?
A: You can better use Ista+ incl SDP because some Fxx are not supported in new Ista-p. Update Ista-p for Exx is not useful.

Q: I extracted all files then install bmw ispi ista p sys.. but nothing happen
A: You Need Loader.  Download ISTA-P Loader V6.3 Lite + activation key:
UNBLOCK archive and extract with 7-zip
Password: beemerboy88
use the easy way, install standalone version of ISTA+ and ISTA/P from here
Standalone versions of ISTA-D and ISTA-P 4.08.12:
 For ISTA-P Loader thanks to beemerboy88.
SQLiteDBs 4.08.12, including RU, EN, DE, OTHER. 

For unpack archives use 7-zip 16.04 or higher.

All installed and ready to work.
ISTA-P work with old and new Loader from beemerboy88.
Instructions for installation, configuration and solution of possible errors, is located in the Tools folder (FAQ-RU.pdf and FAQ-EN.pdf).
To view pdf files, use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
Don't ask password from pdf files!!!!

Read carefully FAQ in Tools folder!!!

ISTA-P - 147 GB
Service Data (SDP) - 104 GB
Logistic Data (BLP) - 2.63 Gb
FASTA & HW check disabled !!!

What's included in torrent:

Monday, November 13, 2017

Which software for BMW F series diagnosis, coding, programing?

If you want meaningful Diagnosis in English, for both E-Series and F-Series cars, you need ISTA/D (Rheingold) and you can request it here:

For Coding, you need different Tools, NCS Expert / SP-Daten for E-Series and E-Sys PSdZData for F-Series.
All Diagnosis and Coding can be done with cheap DCAN Cable for E-Series and cheap ENET Cable for F-Series.

For Programming (Flashing ECU’s with new Firmware), then you need ISTA/P for for both E-Series and F-Series cars, or you can use WinKFP for E-Series and E-Sys for F-Series. For E-Series Programming, you will need an ICOM, but for F-Series Programming, you can use ENET Cable.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Latest E-sys files download with Free Launcher

Can anyone give a links to the latest E-sys files? Free launcher please.

My head burst into the search! 

Premium launcher 
E-sys setup file 



this is not the latest but this is the working E sys 3.27.1 with free launcher premium. enjoy!JsoA2bAa!SwzOL4mht8A1FrUOlQa10Q