Tuesday, April 17, 2018

BMW ENET E-sys 3.30.0 Feedback

BMW ENET E-sys 3.30.0 review: 
I tested it by psdzdata 3.62.1 for coding and programming ok.
But for FDL coding, because CAFD was trimmed,so refer to launcher+E-sys 2.8.1+psdzdata for reference,for example “startup_emblem” countered the 32th from bottom of 3001,in the “Ausgelesen” of “Werte=00”,changed to “01”,so got the error:
“Failed to sign FDL[C158],EstCmCryptgraphicExcetion:SignHandler can not be initialized with data from EST.
For FDL Coding, E-Sys Launcher provides both an .EST Token Solution for signing Coding Changes, and CAFD Mapping to add back in and display the Trimmed Data.
You do not have .EST Token solution, so you have EST error. So, either a real BMW AG .EST Token file is needed or E-Sys must be patched to accept a non-OEM .EST Token file.
Beyond Token, you also need either Untrimmed PSdZData from BMW AG’s vault. Without Untrimmed PSdZData, you can resort to “counting” method as you did, or similarly using FDL Storage Info (Address and Bitmask), which spares you the counting, but both methods are tedious and make the assumption that Current CAFD versions FDL Code structure is same as previous version, an assumption that is not always true. Without Untrimmed PSdZData, FDL Coding is best left to older E-Sys 3.23.4 / 3.27.1 / 3.28.1 and E-Sys Launcher.

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